Still indecisive whether to set up a call center software for small business or keep using a regular phone? Keep wondering if your business needs it at all? Or, what departments will benefit the most? Get answers to all your questions in less than 7 minutes. Let’s go!

Each small business strives towards company’s growth. However, there’re significant challenges on the way from a small business to a big firm. Good news, all is possible when armed with the right strategy.

But there’s no “one size fits all” approach, and the strategy for every company is different. Some firms choose to grow in size, increasing amount of clients, employees and sales. Others bet on services improvement and better quality of their products.

This way or another, while building the strategy, always keep in mind your customer’s satisfaction. A business which thinks about its customers first has a greater chance of success.

Every business, at some point, will require a way to effectively keep in touch with their customers or reach out to new prospects. In this case, a call center serves as a medium connecting business to the most valuable asset – its customers.

So keep reading and find out if your business needs a cloud-based call center software and how you can benefit from it.

First of all, why a cloud-based software for small business?

Nowadays companies switch to cloud-based solutions as they are much easier to exploit.

In a nutshell, the cloud is used for processing and storing data in the Internet. All your data is digitized and kept clean and tidy in the cloud. This way, you’re able to access it at any time and from any place that has Internet connection.

No more CDs for storing data, investment in servers and costly equipment, nor long installation processes will bother you with the cloud. It is enough to register and start using the app within several minutes.

Such solutions are more affordable, what is particularly important for a small business. The cost is relatively small for an app that contains various handy call center software features and a possibility to integrate with the other apps you already use. What’s more, you can deploy it as your data storage and avoid additional payments for records recovery if something breaks down.

A cloud-based call center software is a great replacement for your regular phone
Such call center software features as call history, call recordings, live dashboard, script builder and others allow you to stay more productive and organized.

So what business needs a call center software?
Without a doubt, a business with a large customer base, a regular contact with clients and a high sales volume. But does it mean that a small business doesn’t need one?

Yes and no. If you own a small firm providing services to less than 10 clients, probably you could deal with them even on your own. In fact, on average an agent or a sales rep handles between 6 and 16 clients by himself, depending on an industry and type of goods/services you produce.

Running a business isn’t easy, especially if you have to answer calls most of your day. You’ll need help at some point and your business will certainly let you know when exactly. However, why waiting until the last minute?

Instead, set up responsible teams and hire qualified specialists to do what they do best – talk to customers. Delegate and distribute work smartly.

Remember, your clients are the most important part of your whole business, invest in their satisfaction.

There are two major departments which receive and give calls to your customers:

  • Customer service usually receives calls and feedbacks from clients or deals with issues clients may face. Don’t forget that call center representatives are the first point of contact and the face of your firm. Therefore, it’s important to invest in its appearance. Hire those people who will manage queries and close deals on a quality level. Having a well-trained customer service agents makes the visibility of a professional company and will pay you off twice.
  • Sales department, as a rule, contacts potential and existing clients, conducts demos, cold calling, telemarketing, and other campaigns. It’s important that your sales reps have good presentation skills as their main job will be to sell. They need to present a product or a service from the best angle and to attract a prospect to buy it. Also with time, you’ll want to hire a sales team leader and you’ll want him to be a true professional.

What industries and departments benefit from a call center software most?
According to Statista primary industry using contact centers in 2016 was insurance. Banking and security, travel and hospitality, public sector, retail and telecommunications industries were next on the list.

Even though the importance of setting up software varies from industry to industry, with such a technology available, cloud-based solution can be very practical for businesses of any size.

So should you opt for a call center software for your small business?
A cloud-based call center solution is not a long fancy name for ‘another’ application, it is a primary mean of direct interaction with your customers.

In addition, it’s in your interest to provide your clients with the best customer experience. Thus, setting up customer and sales teams and hiring skilled specialists for doing the best work for you sounds like a good idea.

Finally, test a few call center software solutions and choose the one which will suit precisely your business, especially since most of them have a free trial period.

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