Call center software for your small business is not only practical for increasing efficiency, but it’s affordable as well. It’s also necessary to have, as the software is responsible for powering today’s call centers.

In a nutshell, call center software enables a small business to simplify and accelerate telemarketing campaigns and improve customer support services. Some of the main advantages include dialing multiple lines per phone rep, flexible dial speeds, call priorities, skill-based routing, monitoring and coaching tools, and everyone’s favorite feature, remote access for both managers and the call center team.

To maximize the call center team’s total talk time during live outbound, inbound, or blended campaigns, the software’s algorithms use real-time call center data to reduce the amount of time phone reps aren’t speaking with a “live answer.” Thus, the overall effect is a cloud call center that is statistically operating at maximum efficiency — a dream come true for any small business owner looking to increase sales or deliver faster customer support.

Conveniently, all lead information, customer notes, call recordings, campaign reports, and other call center data are stored safely on a server or “in the cloud.” This also gives call center managers and phone reps the ability to work from home and make VoIP calls from anywhere in the world provided they have a computer with an internet connection, a microphone headset, and of course, the required software — like Parrot Contact Center.


While nearly all modern enterprise businesses use one, a cloud call center truthfully rewards small businesses the most. Those taking advantage of the new technology save thousands of dollars on business costs and gain a large host of other benefits including:

  • Faster dials & more live answers, powered by real-time call center data
  • Customized Campaigns
  • Organized leads
  • Remote control of call center
  • More freedom and mobility at work
  • Remote management, monitoring, and coaching of phone representatives
  • And a lot more depending on the software company

Overall, call center software for your small business enables you to quickly scale your company. It also facilitates call center management and enables the call center team to make and receive a much higher volume of calls than what is possible with a traditional, non-modern call center. Taking a closer look, it’s clear why more and more small businesses are turning to this cloud based solution to reach and speak with their beloved customers.


The greatest reason to utilize call center software for your small business is the guarantee of increasing your profits from reaching more live answers than you would otherwise if dialing by hand.

Think about it this way:

Without a cloud call center, phone reps spend more time punching thousands of phone numbers on a dial pad than they do speaking with leads and customers. This is a huge waste of your business’s time, money, and human resources.

On the greener side of the fence, a cloud call center saves you time, money, and human resources by allowing your business to call up to 5 lines per sales rep. Hence, your call center team is able to reach more live answers and perform several days worth of phone calls and sales — in just 1 day.

If you need even more efficiency, you can really crank up the speed and amount of calls if your cloud call center software has answering machine detection or features voicemail drops so you can quickly leave someone a pre-recorded voicemail message with just a click of your mouse. On average, 80% of all sales calls go straight to Voicemail Land (not found on Google Maps), so being able to skip answering machines entirely or avoid verbally repeating your messages will enable you to reach the warm and hot leads at a dramatically faster rate.


Call center software for your small business is inexpensive and offers an endless amount of cost-savings — a testament of why it’s so important to have your call center “in the cloud.”


The majority of cloud call center companies license their software on a per active monthly user basis. In other words, call center software for your small business is very affordable because you only pay a monthly rate for the phone representatives (or “agent seats”) who are involved in your telemarketing campaigns.

If you wish to keep things at a super low-cost, some cloud call center companies, like EVS7, offer amazing deals with their software including unlimited VoIP calling to the USA and Canada for a low, monthly flat fee — instead of making you pay per call or per minute of usage. This is incredibly good news for small businesses that are tired of being subjugated by expensive phone companies hammering them with outrageous phone bills.

Now in 2017 and moving forward, you can truly pay less for better technology. And being so wallet friendly, it’s easy to see why more companies from a wide range of industries are elevating their call center “to the cloud.”


Cloud call centers save you from spending a ton of cash on hardware. Unlike most brick and mortar call centers that use expensive telephone lines, a cloud call center is purely digital and uses inexpensive VoIP to provide its means of internal and external communication across the internet. If you have a good internet connection, the only hardware you need is a computer and microphone headset.


Call center software for your small business will keep your bank account extra happy because you won’t need to pay for office rent, in-house staff, or supplies. With a cloud call center, companies can hire virtual assistants to work from home where one can make and receive calls from the comfort of their own personal desk. Working from home provides convenience and flexibility for the virtual assistant, while barely costing the company a dime. This alone aspect of cloud call centers will save you at least $10,000 a year.

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